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Keep On Smiling by Alexandra Skiathitis

If at times you feel you want to cry, And life seems such a trial. Above the clouds there’s a bright blue sky, So make your tears a smile. As you travel on life’s way, With its many ups and downs, Remember — it’s quite true to say: One smile is wo

The Robin – Barbara Taylor, RScP

THE ROBIN – by Kahlil Gibran O Robin, sing! for the secret of eternity is in song. I wish I were as you, free from prisons and chains.   I wish I were as you; a soul flying over the valleys, Sipping the light as wine is sipped from ethereal cu

A World that Works – Cindy Long, RScP

Martin Luther King Jr. dream was that all people be treated equally and with dignity and respect . Feb is Black History month it is also the time that we recognize love by celebrating Valentines’s Day. Our theme this year is a world that works for e

Vigilance Beach – Rev. Bill Salisbury

VIGILANCE BEACH By Randall Butisingh Under this canopy of blue Remote from the toil and strife of busy life I sit and dream in peace. There in the distance, just within my gaze Nature her rich carpet spreads of even green; While dotting the sky in silken

The Cold Within by James Patrick Kinney

Six humans trapped by happenstance In bleak and bitter cold. Each one possessed a stick of wood Or so the story’s told. Their dying fire in need of logs The first man held his back For of the faces round the fire He noticed one was black. The next man l

Real Love – Susan McIntyre, RScP

This time of year we are showered with images of red, pink and purple hearts.  Chocolate truffles and red roses adorned with ribbon are  exchanged, along with prose perfectly scripted on cards.  These are small celebrations of romantic love, a single f

I Know – Marguerite Bonnet, RScP

From the Science of Mind Textbook – p 160-161 As students of the Science of Mind, we find in the remarkable character of Jesus, a great impetus toward faith and conviction. When the Centurion came to Jesus and asked Him to heal his servant, Jesus sa

Awakening To Our Divine Self – Lisa Young

We emerge from our most extraordinary spiritual experiences, knowing our reality has shifted. Whether through a momentary glimpse of our body dissolving its form into Light or a powerful meditation in which we feel ourselves as the Planet or the Universe,

Something Happens – Emilie Van Cleave, RScP

SOMETHING HAPPENS by Tosha Silver Something happens after you align with the Divine for a while. You begin to feel on a cellular level that things are unfolding exactly in the way that they should. At the rate and timing they need. You start to trust the

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