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The Power of Persistence – Pam Cosby Brandman, RScP

Persistence begins with the courage to choose a destination and begin our journey. Ideally, we listen to the voice of God within, our Inner Guide, as we choose our path. In his book, This Thing Called Life, Ernest Holmes writes, “The Law of Life is a la

  • September 14, 2015
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Weaving It All Together – Barbara Taylor, RScP

We are here with you always. The pace of changes is great as the old ways and structures crumble around you. Rejoice! This is the time you have come here to experience. Your presence as an old soul is part of the grounding needed to help guide and facilit

It’s Just a Closer Walk With God – Sharon Rest Haas

I’ve been on this walk for many, many years. Sometimes I took detours, sometimes I fell down, ran into seemingly dead ends,and sometimes I danced this road. See, for me, the “Making of a Professional Practitioner” was not a career choice, or a new g

Claim Your Faith – Robyn Mosman

What does it mean to have faith? In The Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes says: “in order to have faith, we must have a conviction that all is well.” Before I discovered the philosophy of Religious Science, I longed for something to have faith in