Monday Evenings beginning January 28th to March 11th from 7:00-9:00pm
$10.00 per workshop or $50.00 for complete series. FIRST WORKSHOP (Monday, January 28th)  FREE!
Register at or call 949-481-4040

OneSpirit is addressing the healing needs of our LGBTQ community.

“HEALING UNLIMITED-Meditation and Reiki Energy Workshop Series” aims to support our LGBTQ and Allies in achieving harmonic balance of mind, body and spirit in a caring and safe environment.
This building block workshop series will help participants understand how life experiences can affect them short term and long term on all levels-mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. They will experience tools to identify and release imprinted energies that are blocking their personal life force energy. In so doing, we will begin the Healing process with Unlimited potential.

Participants will receive healing Reiki energy in each workshop!

Monday, January 28th: Introduction: FREE
Meditation Heals-Do Yourself a Life-Changing Favor!
• Breathing Is Good For You! Who knew?
• How and Why Meditation Heals
• The Stress Collection Connection
• Meditation Made Easy
• Mmmeditation

Monday, February 4th -The Healing Power of Our Energetic Bodies
• Explore the Anatomy/Physiology of Our Energetic Body
• Learn How Our Past Experience and Belief Systems Affect Our Health Today
• Share Tips for Cleansing Our Aura for a Healthy Glow
• Enjoy Meditation and a Reiki Energy Flush Too!

Monday, February 11th -An In-Depth Look at Our Chakras
• Connecting Chakras to Our Physiological/Psychological Functions
• Self-Reflection-Assessing Your Chakras and Your Well-Being
• Practical Application of Energy Imprints
• Higher Self, Meet the Universe
• Chakra Cleansing and Balancing Meditation

Monday, February 18th- The Art of Loving Your Self
• The Heart of the Matter
• The Conditions of Loving Your “Self” Unconditionally.
• How to Achieve Your Best
• Holy Love Experience Reiki Meditation

Monday, February 25th -The Healing Power of Forgiveness, featuring Dr. Cort Curtis, Ph.D.
• How “UNForgiveness” Develops.
• Motivation to Forgive
• Tools to Consider
• Reaching Forgiveness of Self and Others thru Meditation

Monday, March 4th – Growing from Grief
• Dynamics of Emotions
• Tools for Mastering Emotions
• Understanding Helping Others
• Soothing Meditation

Monday, March 11th -Rev Up Your Personal Power Now!
• Harnessing your Personal Solar Power
• The Path to Empowerment
• Powerful Energy Meditation

Each workshop is includes a presentation/discussion, handouts and a meditation infused with healing Reiki energy.For more information or to register, go to or call 949-481-4040

Dr. Cort Curtis, PhD – Cort is a licensed psychologist who has been practicing therapy for over 40 years. One of his areas of expertise is in the area of forgiveness. He defines forgiveness as essentially a process of “letting go”–a letting go of negative emotions that persist way beyond their time. The motivation for letting go is always the realization that our personal happiness is at stake. He has developed a rapid and predictable process to eliminate unwanted emotions. The result is freedom from the past, freedom from judgment and a return to our inheritance as happy and joyful beings.

Tammy Descoteaux, Business Owner- Supreme Healing Energy & Lifestyle Awareness®, is a Certified Master Healer and Teacher of Usui, Karuna Reiki® and Holy Fire II Reiki Energies.
Her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development, a background supervising crisis intervention teams and diverse gender family and friends gives Tammy a true understanding of people and the lasting effects life experiences can have. Combining 8 years of energy healing work and over 20 years in award-winning community education, she specializes in teaching people how to heal themselves based on energetic principles and lifestyle awareness. For more information go to

OneSpirit is addressing the healing needs of our LGBTQ community.
It is well documented that stress is a large cause of disease. This is consistent through all communities. Though societal views about sexuality and gender identity began shifting positively in the 90’s, internal and external pressures continue to affect individuals of the LGBTQ community.
Healing energy and meditation can help you connect with your higher self and improve your well-being.
Human Beings (living organisms) survive because of energy exchanges within and outside the body. Our cellular processes are energetic. The role of energy is basic to biological processes-our development, growth and metabolism.
Life stresses can leave imprints and often block the flow of our own bodily energy, influencing our health.
Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy) clears these blockages and balances the energy flow throughout our body. It is considered a “healing” energy and is complimentary to medicine because optimum health and wellness can be enjoyed when energetic balance is achieved.

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