A World of Wonder
by Valerie Dohren

A world of wonder waits for you.
Just seek and you shall find
A multitude of miracles
To captivate your mind.

Look far upon the ocean’s swell
White horses rise and fall.
Then watch the glowing sun at dawn
And hear the song-birds call.

Across the wide expanse of blue
Tall sailing ships drift by
While cotton clouds that float above
Adorn the sapphire sky.

The autumn leaves that turn to gold
Then summer into green
And bluebells nestling in the woods
Create a heav’nly scene.

With tinted hues the flowers bloom.
The corn sways in the fields.
Such beauty set before our eyes,
Which Mother Nature yields.

A world of wonder waits for you.
Just look around and see.
There’s so much splendor on display
To dazzle you and me.

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