Join us for Mediation Tuesday and Wednesday from 12 – 12:30 p.m. via Zoom. Join URL: . For mobile app and dial callers (669) 900-9128 – Meeting ID 638-331-366.

Join us for a fun evening of On-Line Bingo in the comfort of your home!! Have fun & win prizes! You will receive 10 sheets – 3 cards each, to play 10 games of Bingo called on Zoom. Cost is $20 per person. Register before July 22nd to receive you... read more

What exactly is IMPROV? Improv is spontaneous, created, in-the-moment theater. Discover your amazing ability to improvise on the spot! Anyone can do IMPROV. The principles of IMPROV are the principles of a good, happy, spiritual life. You will activate an... read more