We emerge from our most extraordinary spiritual experiences, knowing our reality has shifted. Whether through a momentary glimpse of our body dissolving its form into Light or a powerful meditation in which we feel ourselves as the Planet or the Universe, our perception of Life is altered.

These enlightening experiences are as diverse and unique as we are. We are immensely powerful beings. Through our focus, intention and surrender, we can activate the awareness and remembrance for our next step in Awakening.

We can use new templates for defining our self. A few examples of new templates:

  • My Awakening to my Divine Self allows me to deepen my relationships with those close to me and experience my true connection with all of humanity.
  • My physical body was designed with tremendous care and attention to be the perfect match for the energies I am bringing in this life and for my Divine Purpose.
  • I bring my expanded perception and awareness of life, myself and my consciousness into my every day reality and activities, allowing for greater understanding, clarity and enjoyment of all that is unfolding around me and in me.
  • My Awakening Divine Self is welcomed and appreciated by those I attract into my life. Who I Am, is a perfect fit and a match at this time on an Awakening Planet. It is the perfect time for me to allow more of my True Self to be seen, heard and known.
  • The Time is Now. And the more we believe it and trust it, the more we will see reflections of a New Earth and a New Consciousness all around us. The seeds of it are everywhere when you are looking.
  • YOU are perfectly on time.

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