Stepping outside the bounds of who you take yourself to be. Improv is spontaneous, created, in-the-moment theater! Anyone can do IMPROV! The principles of IMPROV are the principles of a good, happy, spiritual life. You will activate and develop your abili... read more

The InSpirit Outreach Committee is collecting the following items and/or funds to support American’s Military Families at Camp Pendleton from now to May 2nd. Donate items directly to InSpirit, Sunday (9am to 12 noon) Monday – Thursday from 9 a... read more

The InSpirit Caring Circles program provides our community a way to deepen their understanding of our philosophy, their connection to Spirit, and to one another. These small groups meet once a month in member homes to get to know one another, connect, and... read more

Help us establish a new program – a Legacy Program for InSpirit.  This fund will allow us to continue our work now and in the future. As a non-profit organization, InSpirit is sustained by the generosity of our community who donate their time, ... read more