I would like to relay a personal experience I had recently. I went to visit a dear loved one, my sibling. Just a visit to reconnect and to catch up as it were.
We reminisced at a restaurant table and remarked at how we are so alike in so many ways just in our normal lives, even now. Yet our adult paths were so very different, even our politics. But Love and compassion takes precedence over all other considerations.
This one brief interaction sparked in me a new introspection of how I perceive the best course of action. Our paths though much different ultimately lead us to the same conclusions about life. Profoundly I realized how small my thinking can be, for the big ideas requires evolving my acceptance and understanding, that our common ultimate objective is to be one with each other in a world that works better for all of us.
I believe that such a world is possible because of my faith in the greater power of universal love and the creative processes. So I will endeavor to be more open to being moved in new directions where I once thought improbable or counter intuitive to my old way of thinking.
The judgement we place on ourselves is often times holding us in stagnation. The Universe is alive and true to itself. The truth will always be with us, as we strive to constantly evolve to make change for the better.
Understanding and intuition often guide our thoughts. Love is reason enough to contemplate changes. Spiritual Mind connects us all to Spiritual evolution. We are all evolving souls, and as such we can embrace change.

Jeff Kouba