The InSpirit Center for Spiritual Living offers a variety of spaces for rent to organizations, groups or individuals whose purpose, goals, ideals, or philosophy is consistent with the broad ideals of InSpirit.

Large Spaces


InSpirit’s Sanctuary is our largest, most formal space. Equipped with a sound system, lights and grand piano it works well for choral and instrumental groups of various sizes, weddings, memorial services, workshops and lectures and other large group settings.

Maximum seating capacity: 250 people.

Social Hall

InSpirit’s Social Hall with the adjacent kitchen, is great for mid-sized meetings, receptions and sit down meals. There are multiple tables and chairs that can be organized in various configurations

Seats up to 40 people at tables

Kitchen (includes all appliances and prep area)

InSpirit’s kitchen is ideal for use by a caterer to prep and serve food and drink to the Social Hall. Appliances include a refrigerator, stove, oven, two dishwashers and sink. Dishes and silverware for 80 people can be rented as well.

Smaller Spaces

Tween Room / Healing Room – (10 X 17)

The upstairs Tween room includes seating for 8 people at a table and a healing space with massage table

Teen Room (11 X 19 plus 13 X 15)

The upstairs Teen Room include comfortable seating for 10 and is ideal for meditation or other informal gatherings

Youth Room – (31 X 16)

The downstairs Youth Room seats 10-12 at tables and includes a projection screen and whiteboard available for business meetings.

Prayer Room – (10 x 12)

In downstairs Prayer Room is an comfortable, intimate setting for up to 4 people and can be used for private one-on-one or small group counseling.

Renting the Facility

All persons wishing to reserve the use of the facility must sign the Facility Use Agreement. Please remember that your signature on this contract constitutes agreement with the incorporated Rules and Regulations and your responsibility for the attendees of your function, as well as any third parties you might engage to service your function. Sunday Services and associated activities will, at all times, take precedence over any other activities.

Non-Profit groups must provide copy of their 501-c(3) registration, unless waived. Fees are for use of facility only. Separate arrangements must be made with the Senior Minister or any other church staff if their services are to be requested.

Rentals are for rooms specified on the Fee Schedule only. Attendees are not permitted in other rooms in the building, other than restrooms. Room use for Rehearsal, Dressing Rooms, etc. is charged separately, and must be indicated at the time of contract. If other groups are scheduled elsewhere in the building, the Renter shall make every effort to avoid disturbing their activities.

The number of persons permitted in a room is specified on the Fee Schedule. Occupancy may not exceed the number listed.

Fee Schedule

SpaceHourly Fee
501(c)-3’s or MembersOthers
Sanctuary – Seats 250*$125$150
Social Hall - seats up to 40 people at tables$50$65
Kitchen (includes all appliances and prep area)$25$35
Tween Room/Healing Room – (10 X 17) – seats 8$50$60
Teen Room (11 X 19 plus 13 X 15) – seats 10$50$60
Youth Room – (31 X 16) – seats 10-12$50$60
Prayer Room – (10 x 12) - seats 4$25$35
Entire facility (downstairs only) 8-10 hour day including set-up$750$1,000
Other Fees
Refundable Security Deposit (required)$125$150
Use of Audio Visual Equipment w/assistant$80 (flat rate)$100 (flat rate)
InSpirit Event Assistant required during entire length of event:
Less than 50 guests: on call assistant required$35 (flat rate)$35 (flat rate)
50-80 guest: one (1) assistant required$15 per hour$15 per hour
80 + guests: two (2) assistants required at $15.00 per hour (p/h) each$30 per hour
($15p/h for each assistant)
$30 per hour
($15p/h for each assistant)
Additional charge for arriving earlier than agreed time for set up or staying beyond agreed time (Event Assistant(s) hourly rate will also apply)$50 per hour$50 per hour
Service Fee Schedule
Minister Fee:
Includes one consultation, preparation and performing of memorial service.
$300 (flat rate)
$50 per additional consultations
Sanctuary Fee:
Includes host for set up/preparation and clean up
$250 (flat rate)
Music Director:
Includes playing music as people are arriving and leaving, accompany vocalists and preparing music
Starting Rate: $150
Rate subject to change depending on need
Vocalist to perform up to three (3) songs as requested
Starting Rate: $150
Rate subject to change depending on need
Sound Coordinator:
Sets up sound, microphones, recording of service on a CD: (if requested)
$75 (flat rate)

Photos of spaces for rent

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